Meet The A**holes Trying To Take Your Birth Control Away

Say hello to the people who are trying to undo one of the Affordable Care Act’s most controversial and awesome rules. These two are trying to get rid of the Obama rule requiring insurance companies to offer free birth control.

Katy Talento and Matthew Bowman are both anti-birth control advocates who are now working in the government. One is at the White House, and the other is at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Talento said:

“There are other ways to avoid pregnancy and to space children’s birth if necessary and appropriate, if a family or a woman wants to do that. You don’t have to ingest a bunch of carcinogens in order to plan your family.”

“The longer you stay on the pill, the more likely you are to ruin your uterus for baby-hosting.”

The birth control pill can actually lower your risk of some cancers such as ovarian and endometrial.

These two will be happy to know that the Obamacare policy could be going away in the coming weeks. The Affordable Care Act requires preventative services to be covered at no cost. However, the Trump administration says that birth control is not covered under this rule.

Mr. Bowman has been involved in multiple court cases surrounding this rule, which he calls the “abortion pill mandate.” This is bullshit. The birth control pill doesn’t cause abortion; it prevents pregnancy from occurring in the first place. He needs to crack open a biology book.

Taking away birth control will just create more abortions because women won’t be able to prevent pregnancies. Also, women with menstrual disorders or other chronic reproductive illnesses won’t be able to afford treatment.

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