Weepy Wingnut Hannity Hating On Tinder Users Who Refuse To Date Trump Supporters

A moment of silence, if you will. It seems that Faux News host and resident tinfoil hat-wearing jerkweed Sean Hannity is a very upset man-child because he just found out that lots of folks who are looking to meet someone on the dating site Tinder are refusing to go out with anyone who says they support President Trump.

Sounds like a rational decision to me. Think about it: Do you want to stab someone with a salad fork on a first date? Probably not a good idea from a romantic or a legal standpoint.

But Hannity is just flat-out freaked by the very idea, and on his lowly-rated radio show Wednesday, he had this to say:

“Alright so I don’t know if you have the same thing, what do they call this matchmaking thing, timber and all that other stuff that they got? Tinder and all that other stuff?

“OK so there apparently Donald Trump according to the Sacramento Bee is saying people will ask straight up do you vote for or do you support Trump. And if you did boom, that’s it.”

Yeah, boom, that is indeed it. And let’s just go ahead and stipulate who a lot of us liberals and progressives also would not date. Specifically, anyone who:

  • Listens to or watches Sean Hannity on radio or TV.
  • Gets their news from Fox News.
  • Actually believes Mike Pence is a “Christian,” and should be emulated by others.
  • Ever took money from any Russian or Russian company for any reason.
  • Believes that white people are “persecuted” or discriminated against in the United States.
  • Has ever thought of supporting Newt Gingrich for anything, even local garbage collector.
  • Believes the government should tell women what do with their reproductive system.
  • Has ever uttered the word “libtard.

So, Sean, suck it up, buttercup! Don’t make us label you a snowflake.

Here’s the whiny little Hannity on his radio show:

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab

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