Trump Voter WHINES To CNN About How His Family ‘Won’t Be Insured’ If GOP Kills Obamacare

A President Trump supporter appeared in a severe emotionally broken state when he told CNN during an interview that he would not have been able to afford healthcare insurance if not for Obamacare.

He and his family will lose that coverage if the AHCA passes… He and 23 million other Americans.

CBO: Families WILL Suffer

Millions of middle and lower-class Americans have benefited from the Obamacare health bill, many of whom happen to be Trump supporters.

Obamacare favors low-income earners, allowing them to be able to afford health care insurance using tax credits and Medicaid in states where it expanded to include more families. Most of these beneficiaries will either lose their insurance entirely, or would not be able to afford it under the GOP bill because of how high premiums will rise, according to the parts of the bill made public and the Congressional Budget Office.

The Trump voter told Don Lemon of CNN on Tuesday that his family cannot afford $1000 a month premiums – that he would not be able to afford health care insurance if Obamacare is repealed, as the insurance coverage would be taken away.

Another pastor Hill who would have lost his daughter to death, if not for Obamacare, said:

“When they take away Medicaid, it’s not only going to hurt my daughter who is not on Medicaid now because she’s working full time, but it’s going to hurt the people in my state. It’s going to hurt veterans, which i’m a veteran. Ten percent of veterans are on Medicaid.”

“It’s going to hurt the employment rate … It’s going to hurt people’s access to health coverage … It’s going to cost more money. This bill doesn’t make sense.”

President Trump supporters would be disappointed in him if he finally succeeds in pushing a health bill that will not be of any benefit them. And it won’t benefit any of Trump’s voters, unless those voters are millionaires and corporations – the only ones who will benefit from the tax break they’ll get as a result of the repeal.

Early this year when the GOP bill was passed, Trump claimed he was moved by compassion to get a better healthcare bill for the people, that the GOP healthcare plan will be more affordable than the Obamacare. He told the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that Australia has a better health plan than the US.

The people for whom Trump is claiming to give a better healthcare bill are crying out that they want to keep Obamacare.

I believe the President will have something to say about this. Oh well.

The issue here is that these same people who are crying, realizing what they did to themselves by voting for Trump were warned what would happen if Trump became president.

Makes you almost feel sorry for them… But should we feel sorry for people who cheered and voted for their own hell? That has yet to be decided.

Check out this video to watch the Trump supporter get emotional over losing his insurance:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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