WATCH: Loss Of Georgia’s Sixth District Signals Dems Need A Serious Wake Up Call

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On June 21, Karen Handel shocked no one when she won the special election for the vacant House seat in Georgia’s sixth district, formerly held by Tom Price since 2005, until he went to join the Trump administration as the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

A Referendum… But To What?

The Democratic Party billed this as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency and that if Jon Ossoff would have won then it was signaling a shift if the political winds.

The issue is the Republicans tied Jon Ossoff to the failed neo-liberal agenda that the Democrats cling to, in the form of ads that linked Ossoff to House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

Right now, the Democrats are slated to lose more seats in 2018 because the assumption is that they don’t need to change their message, and people will just grow tired of Trump’s shenanigans.

This Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth

The Democrats still function in the 90s second-wave neo-liberalism that Clinton advocated for, the one that stripped America of their manufacturing jobs, the one that started the prison crisis, the one that sank the 2008 economy.

The Democrats are an old party and during every election they ask themselves “why can’t we get young people out to vote,” all whilst Bernie Sanders played the pied-piper and brought young folk out in droves.

This is because the millennials, growing up in the failed neo-liberal economy, get no hope from Democratic candidates, and even less so when they learn that the Democratic establishment actively worked against the only candidate they seemed to care about.

Currently the Democrats are trying to regroup and find a new platform while ignoring that progressivism, which nearly unseated Theresa May in England, is the way of the millennial.

Surviving To 2020

If the Democratic party wants to survive the next round of elections it needs to wake up and reject the outdated second wave neo-liberal policies, and accept that progressive policies will bring the votes.

Sadly, it does not look like the Democrats care as their most recent policy platform even rejects universal healthcare, a key progressive platform; I guess the Democrats are okay with the failing ACA?

While the special election was close, even more so when you realize this district is hard-red, it isn’t enough.

The Democrats need to wake up and realize that they’ll continue to miss victory by inches as they continue to neglect the working class, and poor young people.

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