Trump Tattles On Himself And The Cruel Internet Responds Furiously (TWEETS/VIDEO)

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is in love with Twitter. While it wasn’t that surprising that he went there to complain about being under investigation, the Twitterverse did erupt with laughter over what he said.


According to the Trump administration, it was a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that prompted them to fire former FBI Director James Comey. Trump even insisted it had nothing to do with the Russia investigation. It was all because of Rosenstein’s memo.

So naturally Trump wouldn’t turn around and attack Rosenstein, right?


After Comey spoke before the Senate Intelligence Committee and contradicted Trump’s claims, things began to smell even fishier. It came down to a game of he said/she said and now Trump is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice.
Trump’s reaction:


Trump has made several Twitter gaffes, including the now infamous ‘covfefe‘ tweet. In fact, many of us wait anxiously for his next ‘wtf’ tweet storm. So while this one didn’t openly blame Rosenstein, it certainly hinted that much.

Luckily the internet is always more than happy to call people out on their massive fuck-ups. Behold some of the best responses:

On the one hand, Trump should really have someone proofread his tweets before he hits ‘send.’ But on the other hand, it’s not as though #TheResistance is complaining about all of these blunders. Plus it’s understandable why no staffer would want to accompany him into the bathroom.

Watch this video to learn about Trump being investigated.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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