Trump Takes Credit For Building The Panama Canal And Gets TORCHED On Twitter

Why exactly does President Trump say so many stupid things? Is he really as dumb as we always suspected? Or is it because he feels the need to run off at the mouth when he only needs to smile and shake hands for a photo?

Once again Monday, during a meeting with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, Trump appeared to be giving himself props for building the Panama Canal, commenting:

“The Panama Canal is doing quite well. I think we did a good job building it.”

Dear God, help us endure this idiot!

Twitter had a few words for the president, too:

Yes, kids, it’s really true: We do indeed have a complete moron as the head of our country, and all the other nations are laughing at us. If this was third grade, the entire free world would be shooting spitballs at us during class. And we’d deserve it.

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