Trump Says Nonexistent Tax Bill Is ‘Moving Along’ In Congress

If you saw any of the Rose Garden speech President Trump gave on Thursday, then you may have noticed that he’s slipping mentally more and more each day. Maybe it’s the stress of being president and under investigation by multiple committees and agencies, but this 70-year-old is not handling the pressure well at all.

Even though he was announcing the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, Trump went off on one of his meandering rambles, stating:

“Our tax bill is moving along in Congress, and I believe it’s doing very well. I think a lot of people will be very pleasantly surprised.”

Sure, it sounds like the usual puffery (i.e. bullshit) that comes out of Trump’s fat face, but here’s a fact he neglected to mention and perhaps wasn’t even aware of: There is no tax bill in either house of Congress. None. The legislation he referred to doesn’t exist other than the half-page overview his administration rolled out weeks ago as part of a press event.

And that wasn’t all Trump said about the non-existent tax bill. He went on to brag:

“The Republicans are working very, very hard. We’d love to have support from the Democrats, but we may have to go it alone. But it’s going very well.”

It pays to remember that the House barely managed to pass the repeal and replace legislation for healthcare, which is now stuck in the Senate and cannot even garner 50 votes, according to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Tax reform is meant to come after the healthcare bill, but it’s sure as hell not “going very well.”

Neither are the prospects for this illegitimate president.

Featured Image Via The White House

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