Baby Donnie Had A Trumpertantrum And Blocked Stephen King on Twitter

The master of horror is also a master troll. He has trolled President Donald Trump so much that the president has blocked him on Twitter.

After the latest cabinet meeting King tweeted this:

Then, he tweeted this:

Harry Potter auther J.K. Rowling came to King’s rescue. She tweeted:

Some have even argued that Trump blocking users is a violation of their First Amendment rights to read public communications from their President. The Knight First Amendment Institute sent a letter to President Trump about this. The letter reads in part:

“Blocking users from your Twitter account violates the First Amendment. When the government makes a space available to the public at large for the purpose of expressive activity, it creates a public forum from which it may not constitutionally exclude individuals on the basis of viewpoint.6 This is true even if the space in question is “metaphysical” rather than physical; even if the space is privately rather than publicly owned; and “even when the limited public forum is one of [the government’s] own creation.”7 The government may impose reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions in a designated public forum, but it may not exclude people simply because it disagrees with them.”

King has trolled Trump a lot in the past.

The previous day, he tweeted this gem:

The funniest part is that Stephen King never tagged Trump in any of his tweets. So, that means Trump is wasting time searching for his own name on Twitter.

Stephen King even wrote a whole article for The Guardian trolling Trump and his voters. He made up six Trump-loving characters, “gave” them “truth serum,” and interviewed them in this fictionalized piece.

King has previously tweeted about Trump:

After the controversy over Trump saying President Obama tapped his phones, King tweeted:

Featured image via Twitter.

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