Trump Already Preparing List Of Freebies To Give Putin At G20 Meeting

Next week, President Trump will be heading to the annual G20 summit, and while he’s there, he also plans to meet privately with Russian president and mass murderer Vladimir Putin, because everyone knows what a party guy Vlad is.

But it appears that Trump simply cannot decide exactly what to give Putin when they meet. So he asked his national security council staff to come up with a list of “deliverables” to offer in his conversations with Putin.

What kind of “deliverables,” you might well ask? Well, according to officials familiar with preparations for the meeting, Donnie may offer to return two diplomatic compounds in the U.S. which were vacated by the Russians on direct orders of the Obama administration in response to the Russia’s interference in the 2016 election which helped assure that Trump won.

There’s a bit of a problem with Trump’s request of sweet treats he can offer Vlad: Officials with the National Security Council and State Department strongly object to offering one-sided concessions to the Russians. As one former official told the Guardian:

“They have been asked for deliverables, but there is resistance to offering anything up without anything back in return.”

Others in the administration are said to be more than a tad bit unnerved by the fact that Trump insists on meeting personally with Putin at the summit in Hamburg, Germany. I guess they just don’t understand how close Donald and Vladimir have grown in recent months. The two BFFs want to have a chance to share a laugh or two while Trump hands over some highly classified intelligence in return for assurances from the Russians that the long-rumored “pee tape” will be kept under lock and key in the Kremlin.

Hey, what could possibly go wrong when a man who wishes to destroy the United States and another man who is too damn stupid to know a threat when he sees one meet and discuss exactly how Donnie is gonna fuck up our country and the world even further?

Featured Image Via the BBC

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