So-Called Christian Spews Nonsensical Extremist Bullsh*t Attacking Religious Freedom

A gun-toting, evolution-denying, Bible-thumping, Christian extremist pastor, June Griffin, is threatening atheists in Tennessee.

She said:

“All history proves the existence of God and Evolution is a joke for any thinking person. This is a very serious matter, the courthouse is a sacred place, you don’t turn it into a theater.”

“Well, I know God is real and he’s not pleased with this. You can come in here with all kinds of French opinions of this, that and the other but this is not France and we don’t run on opinions and an atheist is not on an equal footing with the Christian.”

“You (commissioners) have betrayed the people of this county, you have betrayed them. There are people that live on the outskirts and they don’t make appointments with Channel 3, they just do things and I’ve heard talk of ‘well there’s always spray paint.’”

She was complaining about a statue that was erected of freethinker Clarence Darrow. She is threatening atheists and threatening to destroy the statue.

A man that takes down a Ten Commandments monument is called crazy, but this is just fine.

The statue is set to be opened on July 14 at the site of the famous Scopes evolution trial, the Rhea County Courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee.

Griffin also posted this on Facebook:

“(The non-prophet American Humanist Association and the non-prophet freedom from religion outfits think they are going to waltz into Rhea County and have all the Christians smile and love them. Here’s news for you: Christians don’t cow tow to the enemies of God. The God of David, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington and Wm. Gannaway Brownlow lives. You will get a nice surprise when you dare to step on sacred grounds of OUR Courthouse. You might bully your way around with our County’s advisor (we have no County Attorney), the historical society, the DA, and the Commission who are afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you. You are worse than devils; the “devils fear and tremble,” but you have no fear of God. You come with your high-minded corruption and your boasted freedom but you will be brought to nothing when we get through with you. You come to us in the name of theatrical equality lawyers, but we come to you in the Name of the LORD OF HOSTS. The County property owners control this House – not you.Our God will bring upon your worst fear. This is not a threat – it is a Promise. Psalm 149. from a Christian saint. June Griffin. For God and Country.)”

Psalm 149 is a threat against enemies of God. How very Christian of her.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot.

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