Supreme Court Protects Immigrants And Gives Trump A Unanimous Middle Finger

On June 22, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to any attempt to strip naturalized citizens of their citizenship by the increasingly anti-immigrant Trump administration.

A case was ruled unanimously in favor of one Divna Maslejak, who was deported to Serbia when she lied about her husband’s military service after the collapse of Yugoslavia.

Ms. Maslejak came to the United States with her two children and husband in 2000, with refugee status, under fear of persecution by Muslims in Bosnia.

In 2007, Maslejak became of a citizen of the United States but neglected to disclose her husband’s military service in the Bosnian Serb Army brigade, that carried out a massacre of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica.

The court said that if someone lies on their immigration application, and said lie did not influence the decision to make them a citizen, they will not have their citizenship stripped.

The Trump Administration has made it known that it believes that any lie should be grounds for deportation and the stripping of citizenship, keeping with the policies of the Obama administration that deported more people than any other president.

Though the court case is over, it is expected that this will be another skirmish in the Trump administration’s long battle with the Judicial branch.

The court decision is comparable to a sigh of relief from both immigrants and the average American. If there was precedent for the government to strip citizens of their citizenship because they lied about even the tiniest of things, what would be next?

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