Spineless Cruz Refuses To Say If Trump Should Be Impeached For Treason (VIDEO)

Perhaps you’ve wondered just how far Republicans will go to protect President Trump. Is there anything he could do or might have done that would be the breaking point for them? If it were proven that Trump directly colluded with Russia to guarantee himself victory in the 2016 election, would they bail on him en masse and call for impeachment?

Such was the question posed to Texas Senator and failed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz when he appeared on Neil Cavuto’s Fox News program Monday afternoon. Specifically, Cavuto asked Cruz if proven collusion with the Russians would be an impeachable offense. Rather than answer, Cruz tried to deflect:

“Every person who has looked at the classified material has said they see no collusion.”

So Cavuto offered a hypothetical for Senator Cruz:

“I’m taking it to its’ extreme. If it’s proven that there was some collusion, many have argued that that is not an impeachable offense. Do you think it is?”

Even when the question was that specific and clear cut, Cruz again demurred:

“Neil, I’m not gonna go down rabbit holes. If everyone who’s look at the evidence says there’s no evidence of collusion, at some point Washington starts to get silly where there’s an investigation about an investigation.”

If anyone need proof that Ted Cruz is a gutless pantywaist of a human being, he just provided it. If it can be proven that the president committed treason and sold his country down the river, Cruz would still not be willing to boot the bum out of the Oval Office.

I hope Ted Cruz realizes that he may well have written his own political obituary. He’s up for re-election next year, and he could well lose that race. Should James Comey blow the whistle on Trump later this week, you can bet Cruz’s opponents will be making ads showing this spineless squid of a man who refused to defend his country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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