Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Drops The F-Bomb On Donald Trump During Speech

If you were wondering who the Democrats might nominate in 2020 to face President Donald Trump (provided he’s still in office instead of impeached), here’s a name to keep an eye on: Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gillibrand, who is currently a Senator from Trump’s home state, New York, has long been seen as a possible candidate for the Democrats in the next presidential election, and based on remarks she made at New York University, she certainly sounds like the kind of person who takes no shit from anyone.

Discussing Trump’s accomplishments as president, Gillibrand commented:

“Has he kept his promises? No. Fuck no!”

A second later, the Senator offered a bit of an apology, saying:

“Sorry. I understand this is a younger audience, it’s OK.” 

But a few minutes later, Senator Gillibrand again let loose as she talked about why Republicans had been winning among many middle-class voters:

“Even though we as Democrats are on the right side of almost all issues, many hard-working families just haven’t felt that we’ve been fighting for them. Fundamentally, if we are not helping people, we should go the fuck home.”

During a panel discussion, Gillibrand noted that Trump’s recent tweet with the word “covfefe” in it was easy to explain: Trump, she said, was “bitching about” media “coverage” and forgot to finish the tweet.

Is this the kind of person Democrats need to take the fight to Trump and the Republicans? Gillibrand has certainly been on the right side of the issues since she joined the Senate. And she gained national attention as the only Senator to vote against every single appointee Trump sent up to Capitol Hill with only one exception: Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador:

When asked if she might run for the White House in 2020, her spokesman replied:

“The only race she is interested in is her reelection to the Senate in 2018, and the only thing she takes into consideration when deciding how to vote on Cabinet nominees is their record and qualifications.”

In politics, that means yes…probably.

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