Senate Dems Warn GOP: Make The Healthcare Bill Public Or We Shut Everything Down

How do you know you have a terrible piece of legislation that no one supports? When you refuse to let anyone–even your colleagues–see the damn thing before a vote is taken.

Such is the case with the Senate version of the American Health Care Act–aka Trumpcare–which is being debated in secret by only Republicans. The plan by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to be hide the bill until the last minute, present it on the floor, allow for limited or no debate, and force a vote via reconciliation, which would only require 51 votes for passage.

But now Democrats–led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer–are fighting back, and according to CNN, they’re warning that should the Republicans refuse to let them be a part of the deliberations on the bill, Democrats will bring all business in the Senate to a sudden, screeching halt. CNN’s Teddy Davis filed this report via Twitter:

The AHCA, according to the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office, would mean that as many as 23 million people would lose affordable health insurance. Medicaid, the program for low-income and indigent Americans, would be slashed to the bone, by as much as $880 billion over 10 years. These are the most vulnerable people in our country, and Republicans want to make their lives more miserable and less healthy.

Could the Democrats manage to shut down the Senate. Yes, they certainly could. As Daily Kos notes:

“Senate Democrats are weighing whether to bring the chamber’s business to a halt next week in an effort to voice their objections to the GOP health care push, according to sources familiar with the effort.

“The Democratic leadership and rank-and-file members are planning to prevent the chamber from conducting routine business, including allowing committees to meet for extended hearings when the Senate is in session. And they will demand an open process to consider health care when the Senate reconvenes Monday.”

Your move, Mitch.

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