Sen. McCaskill Rips GOP Senators New Backdoor Over Uber-Shady ‘Back Room’ Trumpcare Shenanigans

On Thursday, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) proved that she’s truly a native of the “show me state” when she called out Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and his GOP cohorts for trying to use sneaky “back room ” tactics to try and force the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) through the Senate along partisan lines.

During a hearing featuring Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, McCastill directed her fire at the Chairman asking if he planned to call for a hearing so AHCA could be openly debated before the public.

Hatch seemed caught off guard as the Republican seemed befuddled and had to confer with his aides on how best to “answer” his colleague’s question. The GOP’er settled on using the tried and true Republican “gaslight” tactic to make McCastill think Republicans had already invited Democrats to “participate” in a mysterious hearing about the legislation.

However, McCastill wasn’t buying any of Hatch’s weak bullshit. She continued to bat the little troll around like a lioness playing with her food.

“[W]e heard you, Mr. Secretary, just say, ‘We’d love your support.’ For what? We don’t even know. We have no idea what’s being proposed. There’s a group of guys in a back room somewhere that are making these decisions. There were no hearings in the House.”

She took the Senator and his colleagues to task, reminding him how Republicans accused Democrats of using a partisan process for passing the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare).

McCastill demanded that Hatch holds public hearings and not hide behind closed doors like a bunch of cowards.

“You couldn’t have a more partisan exercise than what you’re engaged in right now,” McCaskill fumed. “We’re not even going to have a hearing on a bill that impacts one-sixth of our economy.

Good on you Senator McCaskill, we can’t allow Republicans to think they have a free pass to slide that slimy shit under the American people’s radar. Lives are at stake.

Source: Mediaite and YouTube.

Featured image via YouTube.

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