‘SHUT UP SLAVE’: Racist Starbucks Patron Spits On Black Man Then Sucker Punches Homeless Elderly

In Chicago, a white male Starbucks customer suddenly flips out and goes on a racist tirade in which starts calling black patrons “slave,” before spitting on a black customer and finally sucker punching a defenseless elderly homeless man for having the misfortune of walking down the sidewalk. The entire incident was caught on camera by an ABC7 cameraman who happened to be in the store.

Spilled Coffee

The incident began when another customer accidentally spilled coffee on the pants of 23-year-old William Boucher, later identified by Chicago Police as the man featured in the video.

On Tuesday, around 2:30 p.m., Boucher was in a local Starbucks “when he had a beverage spilled on him by unknown person,” police said.

Boucher immediately:

“…Became irate and exited the business onto the sidewalk where he punched a 59-year-old male unprovoked and spit on a 30-year-old male and 34-year-old female.”

Starbucks employee Juan Torres said he was shocked by the bizarre display:

“Calling people racist slurs. When I was coming to work, I was not expecting to see that.”

“I was shocked because I thought it was going to end right there. Security was going to come. The cops were going to show up,” Torres said.

In the video, 23-year-old can be heard ranting and screaming racial slurs against African-Americans, telling one patron: “Your Children are despicable Vermin.”

Boucher tells another black customer:

“Shut up, slave! Don’t talk to me!” and demeaned another commanding that he “get on all fours. You don’t deserve to walk on two legs.”

He also reportedly spat on both a black male and female customer prompting the male patron to take after the racist asshole, unfortunately, he was restrained before he could beat the shit out of the little racist Trumpturd.

A Cowardly Assault

Boucher was still standing outside the Starbucks, apparently feeling like “big man,” when a homeless man carrying shopping bag had the misfortune of crossing his path.

Without warning Boucher throws a single punch to the unsuspecting 59-year-old man, sending him sprawling to the ground.

Patrons then jump on Boucher and restrain him until police arrive.


According to CPD, Boucher was arrested and charged with three misdemeanor counts of battery.

Meanwhile, his victim was taken to Memorial Hospital for treatment of an injury sustained to his eye.

In a statement, a Starbucks spokesperson said:

“We have absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior in our stores, and are grateful to the partners (employees) and customers who stepped in to help until officers arrived.”

Employees at the store noted that Boucher was a recurring problem customer, but never became violent until that day.

Boucher is scheduled to appear in court on July 5.

Let’s hope he gets some quality prison time so he can undergo “special” racial sensitivity training by a big burly loving instructor.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, ABC7 Chicago, and Vibe.

Featured image via YouTube.

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