You Might Have Missed It, But James Comey Said VP Pence Is Also Implicated In Russiagate

James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was mostly focused on the Russia investigation and the former FBI director’s interactions with President Donald Trump, but there was one moment during the Q&A session with senators when it became clear that Vice President Mike Pence is also neck-deep in the Russiagate matter.

It happened when Oregon Senator Ron Wyden asked Comey if Pence knew that disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had communicated with Russia before Pence–in his role as head of the transition team–approved Flynn to serve in one of the most sensitive positions in the administration.

Comey replied that yes, he knew that as a result of testimony from former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Meaning that Comey didn’t deny what Yates testified to under oath before the Judiciary Committee in May. In fact, he corroborated her charges:

So, Mr. Straight Arrow Conservative Christian Mike Pence is indeed part of the Russia probe. He swore up and down on numerous occasions that he had no idea Flynn had been in contact with Russian agents or on the payroll of Turkey, but both Yates and Comey have now said differently.

For months now, some of the talk in Democratic and progressive circles has been along this line: But if we impeach Trump, we get Pence, and he’s just as bad, if not worse. However, if Pence knew Flynn was compromised and still recommended he be National Security Adviser, we have to question the Veep’s¬†judgment and his loyalty to the United States.

Make no mistake about one thing: Mike Pence is a fucking weasel of a human being. He’s been actively involved in trying to turn this country into a theocracy for decades, and he would be a disaster as president.

But what we learned today tells us that Trump-Pence might be a package deal. You get rid of one and the other one smells just as bad, so he has to go, too.

Just something to consider as the investigation continues.

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