Melania REFUSED To Mention Her Hubby During Her Women’s Empowerment Speech (VIDEO)

Remember the audible laughter during the last debate when our president said that ‘nobody respects women’ more than him? Well now his wife is speaking out about violence towards women. Perhaps seeing the irony, she chose not to mention her hubby.

Violence Against Women

Admitting to sexual assault wasn’t enough to stop President Donald Trump from winning. In fact, all of the backlash made his supporters stick by his side. So what better way to honor this sexual predator than by having his wife speak out against violence towards women?

While speaking at the International Women of Courage Awards, First Lady Melania Trump talked about the struggles that women go through. She really drove home the concept of gender equality and encouraged people to embrace diversity.

She also asked the room to think about what the 12 honorees had endured, saying:

“Domestic abuse, gender bias violence, or government impression that some of these women have faced.”


These types of speeches would normally include something about the president working hard to ensure gender equality, but not this time. Not once during her speech did she mention our Cheeto in Chief.

Perhaps that’s because even she knows he doesn’t respect women. There was that time he refused to shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Oval Office, even though he had done it with other international guests. Let’s not forget the time he embarrassed U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in a room full of men:

“now, does everybody like nikki? because if you don’t…otherwise, she can easily be replaced.”

There’s also his long, disturbing history of blatant misogyny and a Wikipedia page dedicated to his sexual assault allegations.

Perhaps Melania didn’t mention her husband because even she knows he’s a joke. After all, there are now several instances where she’s been seen glaring at him and pushing his hand away.

Watch this video of her speech.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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