Judge Grants Bail To Bomb-Making Neo-Nazi And Deems Him ‘No Threat’

Brandon Russell is a 21-year-old who is fascinated with Nazis and idolizes Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. He was recently taken into custody by authorities for possessing bomb-making materials and large amounts of ammunition in his Tampa, Florida, home.

But now Russell is out on bail thanks to a federal judge who declared the neo-Nazi bomber to be no threat to “any person or community.”

Yeah, because we all want lunatic bomb freaks who have a sick fascination with Adolf Hilter living in our neighborhood, don’t we?

Federal Judge Thomas McCoun granted bail for Russell on Friday, over the strenuous objection of prosecutors.

Police who took Russell into custody last month reported discovering weapons and materials used for making bombs in Russell’s garage. During their search, they also found a framed picture of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on Russell’s dresser.  Nazi and white supremacist literature was also located on Russell’s computer.

Russell, who just so happens to be a member of the Florida National Guard, admitted that he’s a Nazi sympathizer and gets a thrill out of creating bombs and other explosives. In other words, just your typical red-blooded American young man, huh?

So now this lunatic is free on bail and can go about his bomb-making ways in the privacy of his home. Nothing to see here; it’s just harmless Brandon Russell cooking up a batch of pipe bombs for use against those he disagrees with. No biggie!

Perhaps Judge McCoun has forgotten that in 1989 federal appeals court judge Robert S. Vance was killed by a pipe bomb located in a package that was mailed to his home. Two days later, a similar bomb killed an Atlanta attorney. Might Judge McCoun have been less likely to grant bail to Brandon Russell if his computer had been filled with screeds railing against the American judicial system?

Some people do not deserve to walk among us. It certainly sounds like Brandon Russell is one of them.

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