Fmr. GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Gets WRECKED By U.K. Politician After Ranting About ‘Evil Black People’

Tuesday on MSNBC, Joe Walsh, former Illinois U.S. Congressman and current thirsty neocon attention whore, decided to try and minimize acts of terror committed by white supremacists in America by using examples of “evil black people” who commit crimes against whites as a counterpoint.

During a discussion about the recent terror attack in London, England, Walsh insisted that President Donald Trump’s unprovoked and tasteless Twitter attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan was only out of Trump passion for stopping terrorism and preserving human life.

However, MSNBC host Stephanie Rule was quick to note Trump’s apparent blindness when it comes to other forms of terrorism. The hosted replied:

“Then if this anger towards hate is coming from a place of passion, why didn’t the president have that level of immediate passion and anger and upset when that same level of hate happened on a train in Portland, Oregon when a white supremacist killed two men?”

Walsh then went into full racist deflection mode.

“He should,” Walsh replied. “And he should every time a young black man shoots another young black man in the city of Chicago.”

“That was an act of terror, sir,” Ruhle said.

“That was an act of terror committed by an evil white supremacist,” Walsh agreed. “And there are evil black people in this country who kill white people.”

Unfortunately for Walsh, his fellow panelist, British Labour Party candidate Paul Flynn, was on hand to quickly dismiss Walsh’s credibility by reminding viewers how Walsh once advocated that the U.S. build a moat with alligators on the U.S.-Mexico border to stop illegal immigration.

Walsh then proceeded to arrogantly lecture Flynn and his countrymen concerning the “correct response” to terrorism.

“The correct response is to get angry,” Walsh insisted. “That’s the point Trump was making. And in the United Kingdom, they refuse to do that. And London’s mayor refuses to do that.”

That’s when Flynn uncorked a sophisticated intellectual bitch slap that only a Brit could deliver, nailing Walsh and the GOP for their support of gun violence in America.

“I don’t lecture you,” Flynn replied. “But the fact that because of handguns being universally available in America, you have more people killed every hour in American by accidents with guns or malicious acts with guns than we do in this country in a whole year.”

“You have a massacre of gun violence in America,” he added. “[The London terrorists] used knives. If they used guns, they could have [killed] hundreds. But we don’t decide to lecture you about how to run your country.”

Only Republicans will try and use racism to deflect from acts of terror committed by American white supremacists, and then further justify vilifying Muslims so that white people can “feel safer.”

Meanwhile, their friends at the National Rifle Association continue to promote laws making it easier for anyone to obtain a firearm while fighting tooth and nail against any common sense regulations that could prevent more tragedies.

That’s because of the NRA’s puppet masters, the gun lobby, who understands that the more gun violence Americans hear about in the news, the more guns they’re going to sell. This dark logic is the reason why the NRA advocates arming domestic abusers while shamelessly promoting gun ownership among women.

Don’t be fooled by their “Christian” facade; the GOP only worships a blood god called money.

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