Is Tucker Carlson Stalking A ‘Teen Vogue’ Writer Via His Fox News Show?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is an ignorant gas bag who repeats the Republican Party line no matter how ridiculous or objectionable it might happen to be. In other words, he’s a typical Fox on-air personality: Dumb, opinionated, and too narrow-minded to see the world beyond his own warped perspective.

But something Carlson did Friday on his show is getting lots of attention because it’s just downright creepy in a stalkerish kind of way.

On Friday, Carlson made reference to Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, who, back in December of 2016, cleaned his clock during an interview. Since then, Carlson has run featured segments on Duce on three occasions. Obsess much, Tucker?

This week’s extended monologue about Duca featured Carlson referring to a tweet the Teen Vogue writer had posted noting that she’d received a letter from Hillary Clinton:

What a nice thing for Mrs. Clinton to do. And Duca has every reason to be proud she received such a flattering letter. But to hear Carlson tell it, Duca might just as well have walked up to him and spit in his face. He began by stating:

“Every time we mention Duca on this show, she gets more and more famous and more revered on the left. Maybe next week she’ll be honored by the Pope and the Dalai Lama. If we mock that, she could get the Nobel Prize for Literature.”

If that’s how he feels about it, why not just ignore her?

Carlson then added:

“Fifteen years from now we could be making fun of President Lauren Duca.”

Yes, one day Lauren Duca just might be president. It’s safe to say she has a better chance of being elected than a hack host on Fox News who likes to belch out venom when someone gets some notice from a political figure.

Duca was freaked out by what Carlson did:

So here’s some free advice for Tucker Carlson: Grow the fuck up and try to get over your pathetic feelings of inferiority! Lauren Duca is a journalist; you’re just a talking head who lies for a living.

Here’s the December 2016 interview where Duca made Carlson look like a complete idiot:

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