ICE Rounds Up Detroit’s Iraqi Christians To Send Them To Face Death Back Home

President Donald Trump has failed to live up to his promise to protect the Christians, as more than 100 Chaldean Iraqi Christians were arrested in the Detroit Metro Area by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

All of those arrested now face deportation.

Despite the promise made by the Trump administration via Vice President Mike Pence in his speech during the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians to take protecting and promoting of religious freedom as their priority.

“The suffering of Christians in the Middle East has stirred Americans to action, and it brings me here today.”

The reverse is now the case, as Iraqi Christians are denied protection by the administration that is forcing them back to a country where they will be faced with a death sentence because they have chosen to be Christian.

ICE Raid On Iraqi Christians

There was weeping and wailing over the weekend in Detroit by families and relatives of those arrested as the ICE raided the area. Those arrested during this raid will be deported back to their home countries, which the President had earlier criticized for being hostile to Christians.

The arrest of these Iraqi Christians from a statement given by an ICE is as a result of recent negotiations between Iraq and the U.S., in which Iraq agreed to accept some of their citizens that are subject to an order of removal.

The raid was meant to be a routine of targeted arrest by the ICE’s Fugitive Operations Team on daily basis as hundreds of Iraqis are billed for deportation.

Although some of these arrested Iraqi Christians have criminal convictions, the majority of the crimes were committed many years ago.

The judge concluded they were:

“…Ineligible for any form of relief under U.S. law,” but declined to discuss the appeal process or other legal options.

Reactions To The Arrest

The Iraqi Christians openly expressed their disappointment in Trump who promised to be their Savior and his administration for making promises they cannot fulfill. The Iraqi-American Christians in Michigan voted for Trump because they hoped he would be merciful to their minority religious community abroad.

A daughter of one of those Iraqi Christians arrested Lina Denha, who was so saddened said “We voted for Trump,” Denha said. That’s what we get from him? … Obama is better than him, 100 times.”

A nonprofit, Majority Humanitarian Foundation, that works with State Department to aid displaced people in Iraqi Region plans to sue against the deportation of Iraqi Christians.

They are fighting back the deportation on the ground that those arrested are American Citizens for all intent and purposes. Besides they have lived all their lives in America and do not have ties in Iraq anymore.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via WXYZ Video.

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