Mike F*ckabee”s Comparison Of Trump To A Doctor Will Make You Puke (TWEETS)

Arkansas Governor and two-time failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has an interesting description of President Donald Trump.

He said:

“Donald Trump is kind of like a doctor who sometimes has a rather gruff bedside manner. Nobody’s going to argue that point.”

“He can be crude and he can come across sometimes less than people think, but, by golly, the patient is alive and I’d rather have this president, who gets things done, than one who comes in, he’s nice and he’s polite and he smiles, but my family member dies in the hospital bed. America needs to say two words to Donald Trump: Thank you.”

Keeping the patient alive? What is Mike Huckabee on? Trump is killing the patient day by day. This isn’t the first time he’s used some strange analogies. His Twitter feed is full of them. Here are some gems from it:

Featured image via Twitter.

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