Homophobic Trumper Thinks Gays Are Bastardizing The Rainbow

Linda Harvey, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, said that she would like to “trademark” the rainbow for the most ridiculous reason. She thinks that the LGBT community is “raping” the rainbow. She wrote this in an article on a right-wing website:

“The sweet rainbow image has been violated, raped by the deluded and fraudulent, and it now serves too often as a garish signpost for slavery to grave homosexual sin. From shameful pride parades to hats, T-shirts, wristbands, and buttons sold at Target or Walmart, sexual deviance is being colorfully and arrogantly proclaimed from America’s rooftops. Can we trademark the rainbow?”

However, she concluded that trademarking the rainbow would be “probably impossible and perhaps even inappropriate.”

She then went on to rant about America in general:

“Is Satan clever or what? He has countless people in this country doing his bidding, failing to understand they are preppers for the pit of hell. Their Savior – if they would recognize Him – is the real author of the rainbow for His original life-affirming, godly purposes. Its current misuse needs to end. Rainbows should accompany what God would smile on. God is not smiling on homosexual conduct, gender defiance or the corruption of children, and He never will. An appropriate rainbow for the ‘LGBTQ’ sin identity front would look very different, featuring colors like brown, puce, mauve, gray and black – lots and lots of black. Depressing, uninspiring, empty, leading nowhere. Satan’s banner. The rainbow’s current use by sexual anarchists turns hope into a license for sin. Rainbow-adorned clergy? You are in for some hot eternal times, unless repentance comes along soon. Gyrating, Speedo-wearing sado-masochists on rainbow-decorated ‘pride’ floats? Look out for what’s coming, unless you bow before the King of Kings. McDonald’s selling French fries in rainbow containers, and Amazon peddling an array of rainbow ‘pride month’ apparel? There will be an accounting, do not doubt this. Little children understand the goodness of the rainbow. The rest of us should follow suit.”

This woman is just full of hate.

Featured image via Twitter.

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