Graham Warns Fellow GOPers: Don’t Trust Anything Trump Tells You

Now that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has said that the Senate version of Trumpcare would lead to 22 million people losing their healthcare, lots of Republican members of the Senate are now backing away from the bill out of fear that to support it would be political suicide.

It was reported earlier Monday that President Trump had spent part of the day calling wavering Senators to shore up support for the legislation, but it seems unlikely that will do any good when it comes to encouraging anyone to lay their career on the line for a man who cannot even manage to tell the truth on a consistent basis.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was asked by an MSNBC reporter how he felt about the Senate bill in light of the fact that Trump had dubbed the House version of Trumpcare as “mean.” Specifically, Garrett Haake asked Graham:

“If the House bill was ‘mean’ according to the president, at 23 million, what’s the Senate bill?”

Graham’s reply speaks volumes about just how little the president is trusted in the halls of Congress:

“Here’s what I would tell any senator—if you’re counting on the president to have your back, you need to watch it.”

Here’s a scenario you can count on if the Trumpcare bill manages to pass and goes into effect, enraging millions of American voters: Trump will blame it all on Congressional Republicans.

On the other hand, should the bill fail to pass and wind up making Trump look yet again like the miserable failure he is and always will be, the president will blame it all on Congressional Democrats and pout as he says that Obamacare is dying.

In Donald Trump’s mind, nothing is ever his fault. He won’t change his tune this time. He’d toss his own children and grandchildren under the bus in order to save his skin.

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