The Future Of The Democratic Party Is Here And Ready To Knock Paul Ryan Off His Throne (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party is in crisis mode. Right now, they’re reeling over the loss in Georgia’s special election where the Republican challenger tied the Democratic candidate to the Democratic leadership in Washington, which hurt him.

Where is your party if being tied to the leadership can be a death knell for elections where you need to swing undecided voters and Republicans?

There is something that the Democratic Party lacks – their working-class roots – and this is where Randy Bryce comes in.

Randy Bryce is as all American as it seems to get. Bryce is an iron worker, local union member, single father, army veteran, and the man who will unseat Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan in the race for the First Congressional District of Wisconsin.

When Randy Bryce announced his candidacy, it wasn’t met with much fanfare at first. The man is no stranger to politics, as he has run three campaigns in the past, and lost them all.

For the locals of Racine County Bryce is almost a household name.

Randy Bryce is lucky though. The election of President Donald Trump has made unorthodoxy the order of the day in American politics. Now, a local iron worker with little-to-no political background might be the man to unseat one of the highest ranking members of the Republican Party.

The spotlight finally shown on Randy Bryce when he released his campaign announcement ad and it went viral, even garnering him an interview on CNN.

Randy Bryce looks like he is a godsend for the Democratic Party, and when people ask what the Democratic Party needs, they can think of Bryce.

Bryce isn’t extreme in his beliefs, he isn’t divisive, he isn’t attacking Republicans, he is running on a platform of just supporting people like him. That is what America needs, more Randy Bryces.

I do not think anymore words could do IronStache justice so I leave you with said ad.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

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