Fragile Sean Hannity Got His Fee Fees Hurt By An Article In ‘The Onion’ (TWEETS)

For a guy who loves to brag about how knows how to handle a gun and has studied the martial arts, Fox News host Sean Hannity sure is a wimp.

Hannity, whose show has been fading in the ratings lately and losing advertisers left and right, got upset by an article which appeared on the parody news site The Onion. And so he took to Twitter and began to whine:

Why do we think it’s funny, Sean? Probably because it is. You had your head stuck up Roger Ailes’ ass for so many years that it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if tiny Hannity worms did spring from the late Fox CEO’s rotting corpse.

But like so many right-wing daffodils, Hannity is a hypocrite. He can dish out the abuse to those he disagrees with, but the minute he’s in the crosshairs, he snivels that it’s unfair and cruel to make fun of him.

Even more galling is the fact that Sean Hannity is nothing but a hack. He isn’t a journalist, he isn’t a reporter, he doesn’t appear to have any talent other than being a monumental twat waffle of a human being.

Hannity got his karma leveled on Twitter, and it was a damn fine thing to see:

Just let it go, Sean. All you did was draw attention to the article and prove that you’re a wussified little baby who needs his blankie and a long nap.

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