Fox News Dillhole: Collusion With Russia Not Illegal, Just ‘Highly Inappropriate’

All of the talk about how Donald Trump and his campaign may have colluded with Russian agents to assure that Trump became president is no big deal, according to Brit Hume of Fox News.

Appearing on Fox New Sunday, Hume was talking with veteran journalist Bob Woodward, and Hume said that investigators hired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller are all “Democratic partisans,” adding:

“[Mueller has] hired several lawyers who have made contributions to the Democratic Party, and would appear, at least on the surface, to be Democrats and perhaps Democratic partisans. It’s worth noting, I think, that this investigation has never been officially described as anything other than a counterintelligence investigation, which is to say that its purpose was to find out the extent of the Russians’ attempts to interfere in the election and influence the election.”

When Woodward told Hume the Washington Post is covering the case as a “criminal investigation,” Hume then went way off the ranch and declared:

“Can anybody identify the crime? Collusion, while it would be obviously alarming and highly inappropriate for the Trump campaign, of which there is no evidence by the way, of colluding with the Russians. It’s not a crime. So are we talking about here the president’s firing of Comey being and obstruction of justice? And they got a grand jury on that? Is that was this is about?”

No wonder Hume works for Fox News, because what he said is 100 percent incorrect.

Nathaniel Persily of Stanford University Law School recently told Politifact that collusion is indeed a crime according to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002:

“A foreign national spending money to influence a federal election can be a crime. And if a U.S. citizen coordinates, conspires or assists in that spending, then it could be a crime.”

So keep trying to spin the Traitor-in-Chief’s crimes as nothing more than “inappropriate,” Brit. But the the special counsel gets the final say on that matter.

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