Former DNC Chair: Russia May Have Installed Trump With ‘Falsified Votes’

With each passing day, another piece of the puzzle known as the 2016 election comes into view. We know that Russia did indeed hack into computer at the DNC, spread false information via social media platforms, met with members of the Trump campaign, and were eager to see Donald Trump become president.

But a new report from Time magazine which alleges that Russian hackers actually altered voter data raises the stakes higher than ever. As the Time article reports:

“Congressional investigators are probing whether any of this stolen private information made its way to the Trump campaign.”

For the sake of argument, what would it mean if that data was indeed shared with the Trump team during the campaign? As former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean explained:

“This is much more serious than previous information. This opens the door to the idea that Trump may have won with falsified votes.”

In other words, up to now the Trump-Russia investigation has been focused on The Russians accessing voter data which could have then been relayed to Trump campaign officials so the Trump team would know where to focus their attention and send the candidate. But this raises the possibility that Russian hackers might have also altered people’s votes without them even knowing.

Granted, we don’t have conclusive proof at this point in the investigation, but you can be sure that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be looking closely at this angle of the story. And should he be able to prove that votes were changed by the Russians from remote locations, it will raise a new question the nation will have to confront: Is the 2016 election valid, or should it be declared illegal and revoted?

Why does Donald Trump so desperately want the Russian investigation to go away? Why is he so angry when it’s mentioned? Perhaps because he knows he wasn’t actually elected president and is therefore completely illegitimate.

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