Dump On Trump ‘Campaign’ Helps Migrants And ICE Victims (DETAILS)

Mexico granted the Trump Organization five trademarks recently, adding to the already massive trademark portfolio under the Trump Organization umbrella. But for all of our so-called president’s due diligence, Donald Trump forgot something.

This is a literal “Oh shit!” blunder of a lifetime for Mexican Corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia. Not wasting any time, Battaglia seized on the opportunity to trump Trump as fast as he could – and he’s officially done it in the most karmic of ways.

Selling Shit To Consumers

Introducing Trump brand Toilet Paper, straight from Mexico – complete with iconic slogans such as:

“‘Softness without borders,’ and ‘This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for.’”

Trump brand toilet paper turns the U.S. president’s name into a symbol that represents the perfect tool for the job that Americans are going to soon have: cleaning up Trump’s shit.


While the sheets aren’t exactly large enough to clean up a Trump sized poo, they are big enoguh for yours. The paper comes in four-roll packs, and is said to be some of the softest hygienic paper ever made.

Get Your Money’s Worth

The biggest draw? A part of the proceeds will benefit deportees who were deported as a result of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) crackdown on “illegal” immigration. Battagila said:

“What I want is … to make profits to support migrants and deportees. To start, I hope to allocate 30% of profits to organizations in Guanajuato [Mexico].”

If you want to help migrants and deportees who are caught up in Trump’s unconstitutional ICE games, and dump on Trump at the same time, shit paper is the perfect, peaceful way to do it.

I think that because at least 55 percent of Americans want to dump on Trump and feel like he’s a POS these days, this is one worthy campaign that will wind up being very well-funded.

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