Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Among Republicans Is In Freefall

It’s been said that those who support President Donald Trump are among the most loyal and devoted followers of any political candidate in the world. And while it’s true that Trump acolytes are indeed fond of their leader, it now appears that the Russia investigation is causing significant numbers of them to lose faith in their man.

A new CBS News poll shows that Trump has once again slipped overall in his approval rating, down from a previous low of 39 percent in February to a new low of only 36 percent. And as CBS notes:

“The drop in the President’s approval rating is partially due to ebbing support among Republicans. Seventy-two percent approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing, a decline of eleven points since April.”

Eleven points in two months? At that rate, by the time November arrives, the president could be looking at less than 25 percent of Republicans saying he’s doing a good job as head of the country.

And the Russia investigation is what’s driving down Trump’s polling numbers. Specifically, a mere 28 percent approve of how he’s handling the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, whereas 63 percent disapprove.

The CBS poll is indicative of a trend being seen in multiple polls released recently, though the CBS survey does show the largest loss of support among Republicans.

At this point in an administration, a president should be riding high and have an approval rating above 50 percent. But as Philip Bump of the Washington Post observed, Trump’s approval among independents is far lower than President Obama’s was less than 200 days into his first term. Bump added:

“Trump should still be in his honeymoon period among Republicans. The CBS poll suggests that may be coming to a quick end.”

With more bad headlines potentially on the way from the special counsel and FBI investigations, along with hearings by the House and Senate, this could wind up being a very long, dismal summer for the White House.

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