Does The Secret Service Have Recordings Of Trump’s Meetings With James Comey?

Ever since he fired FBI Director James Comey, President Trump has been hinting that he might have tapes of their conversations:

Then last week, just a day after Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump had this to say about when he might release the tapes he had referred to:

“I’ll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future. 

“You’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don’t worry.”

All this talk of tapes led the Wall Street Journal to wonder: Might the Secret Service have recordings of everything that takes place in the White House? So they submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and received this in reply:

“In response to your request, the Secret Service has conducted a reasonable search for responsive records. It appears, from a review of Secret Service’s main indices, that there are no records pertaining to your request that are referenced in these indices.”

What a disappointment! But then the Secret Service added this tantalizing kicker:

“(We) handled recording systems within the White House for past presidents, including presidents Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.”

Is that right? So what exactly are they trying to say? Well, that’s when things get more bizarre. See, the Secret Service also notes that the Journal’s FOIA request:

“Doesn’t exclude the possibility that recordings could have been created by another entity.”

Hmm…looks like this mystery just got more interesting. But if you were waiting for the White House to release the so-called “tapes” the president keeps dangling out there like the proverbial carrot, consider what spokesman Sean Spicer had to say when he was asked what exactly Trump was waiting for to let loose of the imaginary tapes:

“He’s waiting for… he’s not waiting for anything. When he’s ready to further discuss it, he will, but he laid out his position very clearly, very concisely on Friday.”

Translation: There are no tapes. Never have been. End of story.

Here’s Stuttering Sean talking about the tapes today:

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