Cop Breaks Teen Girl’s Jaw – Then Laughs With His Cop Buddies As They Watch Her Bleed (VIDEO)

The embittered mom of a 17-year-old girl is suing a Lakewood police officer, Kevin Jones, for brutally assaulting her daughter, breaking her jaw, and causing her other physical and emotional injuries.

According to court records, the incident happened November 7, 2016, after the 17-year-old girl J.G., and her 11-year-old brother D.J. were dropped off by their mother at the library so that they could use the building Wi-Fi. They were at the Madison Branch of the Lakewood Public Library.

Quiet Compliance

While in the children section, D.J. was watching TV with his laptop, while J.G. was listening to music via headphones. Jones approached and asked the girl to turn down the volume of the music. She did and moved to sit with her brother so they could share headphones while they watched TV.

Apparently, the cop insisted that she lower the volume until she turned it off.

Once she did that, the officer continued to stand there and monitor them. This made the kids migrate to the adult section because they felt uneasy about the cop’s constant watch.

While they sat in the adult section watching TV, the cop approached them again, and this time demanded that J.G. take her feet off a chair she was resting them on. Once again, she obeyed and removed her feet.

Regardless, the cop kept on her, and this time demanded that she should leave the library.

She said she had to call her mom first.

All Hell Breaks Out

According to the complaint, she later stood with the intention of leaving when the officer grabbed her and forcefully guided her towards the library exit.

The scene was captured by surveillance cameras inside the library, and Jones’ body camera showing the cop struggling with the girl.

After smashing her into various obstacles on the way out of the library, the cop then gets her outside and falls on top of her with all his weight.

This caused her to fall face first with him on top of her. The force of the fall snapped her jaw, breaking it and left her bleeding.

Next, instead of calling for an ambulance to help the clearly injured girl, who laid there bleeding with a broken jaw on the concrete, Jones turned to the other officers present and laughed about clocking out early to go home.

According to the complaint:

“…More than 20 minutes passed before an ambulance arrived. Instead of tending to the girl’s injuries, Jones and the other officers stood nearby and joked about clocking out early, the suit says. One officer told the girl to spit blood in the grass instead of on the concrete.”

The Aftermath

According to, Sabrina Johnson, the girl’s mother, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District Police of Ohio also alleging that the city of Lakewood “failed to train its officers on how to treat children with dignity and honor,” and that the officer and other police officers failed to provide medical care to the girl as she lay bleeding on the front step of the library.

The complaint said that the girl and her brother frequently visit the library.

The family attorney Subodh Chandra said in a statement that:

“As parents, we expect that our children will be safe at a public library and that library employees will protect them from violence, not attack them.”

Watch the disturbing incident unfold here – but please note, this video may not be suitable for some audiences:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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