‘Christian’ Minister Blames Racist Murder Of Black ROTC Cadet On Evolution

Last month at the University of Maryland, a young black man by the name of Richard Collins was brutally stabbed. In addition to being a student at Bowie State University, Collins was also a lieutenant in the ROTC and working his way through school.

Sean Urbanski was arrested and charged with the murder of Lt. Collins. Urbanski is a member of a Facebook hate group entitled “Alt-Reich Nation,” and the FBI may also seek hate crime charges against the assailant.

But now we have David Whitney, a conservative pastor associated with the right-wing Institute on the Constitution saying that Collins was a Christian and Urbanski espoused the beliefs of “secular humanism” even though there is no evidence to support such a claim.

In a recent “sermon,” Whitney tried to blame the death of Lt. Collins on the fact that Urbanski had been taught evolution in school:

“We should not be surprised then if Sean, with that background and education, concluded that life is meaningless, without any purpose at all,. Survival of the fittest therefore has some rather dastardly consequences which we see in the murder committed by a secular humanist of a Christian young man.”

Evolution, Whitney goes on to assert, is the basis of all racism:

“Evolution is also the basis of racism, and many assert that racism played a role in the motivation for this murder. You see, evolution is essentially racist. So where did Sean Urbanski learn racism? He learned it in his classes on evolution at the local public high school that his parents sent him to and his parents funded that school by the payment of their property taxes.”

Is that right? Well I learned the theory of evolution at a public high school, but I believe in equality for all and that murder is wrong in any circumstance. I also believe that those who attempt to use religion to spread their own version of lies and hatred against others–people like David Whitney–are destined to spend eternity in the hell they claim to fear.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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