Author Explains Why Trump Is A Dumb Person’s Idea Of A Smart Person (VIDEO)

If you’re on board with calling our president a dumb person’s idea of a smart person, then you should meet the man who invented that phrase.

Two decades ago.

Chris Falcinelli is a writer who likes to read Sports Illustrated. Long before President Donald Trump announced he’d be running for dictator-I mean president-, Falcinelli noticed a trend in some Sports Illustrated articles.

Whenever they’d interview an athlete who was slightly brighter than your average jock, they’d ask what that athlete liked to read.

A common response was:

“I like the trump books.”

If you’re scratching your head at that category, you’re not alone. Saying you ‘like the Trump books’ isn’t the same as saying you enjoy reading romance or about American history.

Falcinelli came up with the now infamous phrase after seeing a few other common trends. For starters, the people who thought Trump was smart weren’t that into reading. They simply equated books with intelligence.

They were also the kind of people who equated wealth with intelligence. If you were rich, you were smart.

As Falcinelli points out, Trump is savvy. He’s good at deceiving people to yield a profit. That’s vastly different from being intelligent.

Trump supporters refuse to question their idol. So what if there’s so much Russian smoke that we can no longer see?

Trump is rich, bitch.

Our Cheeto in Chief also talks about how smart he is, so of course Trumpkins believe him. After all, he’s a businessman who’s written books and has a penthouse cloaked in gold. Why shouldn’t he pat his own back?

Falcinelli points out:

“Plus, trump always said, and has lately made a regular habit of saying, how smart he is. he says it out loud and with great conviction.”

By the way, Trump hired ghostwriters. Even though he claims to know the “best words.” For example, ‘covfefe.’

So to summarize, dumb people like Trump because:

  • he’s rich;
  • is a businessman;
  • has ‘written’ books; and
  • talks about how smart he is.

I hate to break it to you, but intelligent people question everything and come to their own conclusions. In fact, they’re extra cautious around people who boast about their own intelligence.

You’ve been conned, idiots.

Watch this video to see how dumb Trump supporters really are.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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