WATCH: Always The Schoolboy Bully, Trump Shoved His Way To The Front

Everyone knows that a skilled and confident leader has no need to demonstrate how fantastic they are because everyone can already see it.

Diplomacy, good manners, and the ability to blend into the highest echelons of the world’s power brokers comes naturally to a real statesman.

These traits are so obviously lacking in President Donald Trump.

In an obviously childish need to get to the front and show everyone what a big, growed-up boy he is, the ever-classy Trumpster shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, so he could be at the front with NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg.

No matter how many times you watch, it never gets any less embarrassing, or cringe-worthy.

Look at the way Trumpty Dumpty juts out his chin and adjusts his jacket; it’s like the school bully attempting to show everyone who’s in charge.

As J.K. Rowling tweeted afterward:

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube Video.

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