WATCH: Richard Spencer Led Torch Wielding White Nationalist March In Charlottesville

In Charlottesville, VA, nestled in a local park, stands a statue. This statue has been at the center of controversy in the town for it is of, none other, than the traitorous Robert E. Lee.

The city council of Charlottesville voted to sell the Lee statue in April and the White Nationalist Richard Spencer wasn’t going to let this happen.

Spencer and his fellow “white people,” which is what Spencer said brought them all together, stood and chanted, while waving confederate signs during the day.

Where this really gets chilling is their nighttime protest. This nighttime protest involved the same members holding torches to order intimidate the locals into trying to their decision on the statue.


The rally that Spencer and his band “white people” held is a disgusting example of those who wish to go back to a “old America.”

Chanting “You will not replace us” is a rallying cry in these protests. This connotation is saying that they are members of an America that is being replaced, an old and racist America.

Image Via Time Video.

This isn’t an issue of “will,” the replacement has already occurred. The war has ended and the monuments that litter random cities to these leaders serve as disturbing shrines to these vile, traitorous men.

The march and the torches are a disturbing reminder of the past where the Ku Klux Klan would intimidate, and murder, African Americans in the name of their Christianity and white people.

This is a worrying pattern in modern America, where White Nationalists will use fancy terms like “alt-right” and popular culture in order to draw impressionable young Americans into groups that are the antithesis of this country’ founding principles.

Last week, workers in New Orleans removed a statue of the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. These workers needed to don masks due to death threats against them, moving in the dark in order to complete the job assigned to them.

In the future I expect the marches by white nationalists to become more prevalent, as more cities follow suit in their removal of confederate monuments.

We need to ask ourselves, as a country, are these marches and threats something we will tolerate?
Watch the protest here:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via Time Video.

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