WATCH: The Liberal Redneck Slams Trump’s B*tch Move After Firing Comey

Comedian, aka the Liberal Redneck, Trae Crowder has a brilliant response to President Donald Trump’s firing of the FBI Director James Comey.

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He is obviously just hearing about this and is just as pissed off as we are. He mentions how we live in the Matrix and the controller is off on a meth bender. However, the end of the video gives us the perfect solution to ending Trump’s presidency. He suggests that we “fire Trump. From a cannon. into the moon” because it’s what Andrew Jackson would’ve wanted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Trae Crowder’s work, his rants about the transgender bathroom debate went viral last year, and he has rose to stardom since. He said:

“You do know that transgender people have existed forever right? What bathrooms you think they been usin’? How many times you hear about what you’re worried about happenin’, happenin?”

From a Forbes biography about him:

“‘My mom was an addict, in and out of jail,’ he remembers in a strong Southern accent. ‘She wasn’t sitting around with her girlfriends talking about Clinton foreign policy.’”

“Yet the 30-year-old Crowder–who is now a comedian known better by his stage name ‘The Liberal Redneck’–is still a product of his upbringing. His dad, who raised him, was the original liberal redneck, mainly because his brother, Crowder’s uncle, is gay.”

“‘He was never going to get into all that regressive stuff that comes with being a conservative now-a-days,’ Crowder says of his father. ‘It sucks that (gay rights) is even a political thing. Whenever that was brought up in school, I would get fired up about it; it was the first political issue I really got into.’”

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