WATCH: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Assaults And Leaves Cameraman Bleeding For Filming Him

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner appears to be having his share of the limelight this week as two videos of him assaulting a cameraman goes viral.

Both videos were published by the American Bridge Political Action Committee. The first video shows Wagner giving his speech at the country club. He notices the said cameraman by the 4:45 mark.

In the first video, when he noticed the cameraman, the audience seems to be taking it lightly and laughing. He then asked the cameraman who he’s with. When the cameraman responds to say he is with the American Bridge PAC, Wagner shifts gears.

Wagner, who openly compared himself with President Donald Trump before, grills the cameraman with questions about how he got in and even told him that he would confiscate his camera.

The video ended with Wagner taking the camera.

A second video, which appears to be taken from a smartphone, was uploaded along with the first one. In this video, Wagner appears to push the cameraman.

It appears to be taken after the event and the cameraman was asking Wagner for his camera back. Wagner, as unhinged as he is, walked out on the cameraman. The cameraman followed Wagner, all the while reminding him that he assaulted him. They were met by country club management and, instead of fixing the situation, the management tells the cameraman that he doesn’t “belong” on that “private property.”

The cameraman reminded him that he was bleeding as the result of Wagner. He was also explaining his purpose for being in the event. Wagner then walks back to the frame and the cameraman told him again, “you just assaulted me.”

Wagner replied with “No, I didn’t,” the situation seems to mellow by then and the police were called.

Lizzy Price, American Bridge’s communications director released a statement to the Philly Inquirer, saying that the footage is proof enough that Wagner is not fit for office.

“Scott Wagner’s actions today show how unhinged he truly is. If he can’t handle the pressure of the campaign, what makes him think he can handle leading the state?”

Watch the video below.


Image is a screengrab from YouTube.

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