WATCH: Video Emerges Of Russian Diplomats Mocking Trump For Sharing Classified Intel With Them

Russian Diplomats
Russian Diplomats Laughing At Trump Featured Image via YouTube.

A new video has surfaced featuring Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sitting around with other diplomats mocking Trump for sharing classified secrets during his visit to the White House.

In the video, Lavrov is seen arriving at a meeting with Thorbjorn Jagland (Secretary General of the Council of Europe). As Lavrov sits down Jagland asks:

These pictures won’t cause any problems for you?

Without skipping a beat Lavrov replies:

Depends on what kind of secrets you pass on to me

Most non-brain damaged Americans already know that the rest of the world laughs at us because of Donald Trump. However, it’s still unsettling to see high profile foreign political figures joke about the incompetence of America’s so-called “Commander-in-Cheif.”

For the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump represents a golden goose filled with opportunities that are ripe for his regime to exploit.

Putin’s already poised to cash in on the 500 billion dollar oil deal that he and current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson put together when Tillerson the CEO of Exxon Mobile.

And the Russians are working tirelessly to disrupt the European Union by endorsing fascistsanti-globalist candidates and interfering in democratic elections like they’ve done in France and the U.S.

Despite his buffoonish antics, the damage Trump is doing to every facet of American society is simply no laughing matter.

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