Trumpkin Complains About Anti-Hatred Signs And Gets Schooled By A 7th Grader

Those who support Donald Trump are a special kind of stupid. They think he cares about them, even as he works night and day to destroy the few good things they have in this world. Is it because they’re not very bright? (Yes, in part). But it’s also because Trump gives them cover to be as racist, homophobic, and downright deplorable as they want to be.

A perfect example of this can be found in Winchester, Massachusetts, where a Trump supporter named John Natale wrote a letter to the local newspaper complaining about some of his neighbors putting up yard signs that urged equality and love for all as part of an anti-hatred campaign.

The reply to Natale’s letter came from a seventh grader, Luke Macannuco, who also sent a letter to the editor and noted that the signs were meant to reassure minorities in the community that their neighbors don’t hate them, and to let the world know that the values of the Trump administration are not the values of everyone in the town.

Macannuco ended his eloquent response to the ignorant Trumpkin by telling him:

“Also, Mr. Natale, if you’re going to ask us to do you a favor and take the signs down, do humanity a favor and take your Trump signs down. Finally, if you are going to say signs exhibit ‘snowflake sensitivity,’ take a moment to think about how you are writing an angry letter to a newspaper about a lawn sign.”

Good for you, Luke! You are the bright and inclusive future of this country, and thanks to young people like you, many of us have hope for what happens once the Trump years are but a bad memory.

Featured Image Via The Winchester Star

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