Trump: Govt. Needs ‘Good Shutdown’ To Fix ‘Mess’ Of A Congress That Won’t Rubber Stamp Him (TWEETS/VIDEO)

It seems like every Tweet from President Donald Trump posts creates a new story in itself that ultimately brings the country down, tweet by tweet.

Here he is doing it again, the tweet in question is this… Well, tweets; he used up two tweets to say what he wanted. Did he really take six minutes to type the second one?

So anyway, here’s the story: On Tuesday, President Trump said our country needs a “good shutdown” to fix what he called a “mess” of the Congress that refuses to rubber stamp his actions.

The GOP congress was largely expected to do so, since this is the first time Republicans have control of all three chamber in many years, and they can ram through almost any legislation they want.

The problem is Congressional independence, and this congress’ independence is really starting to piss Trump off, hence the shutdown comments.

Trump also said that we need to elect more Republican senators by 2018 or change the rules so that the senate only needs 51 votes to pass legislation instead of 60. This would make any legislation filibuster proof.

President Trump seems to be under the illusion that shutting down the government is as simple as shutting down a store or a casino, for instance.

Let me just leave this reminder that the last government shutdown in 2013 resulted in a $24 billion loss for the economy. These aren’t cheap, doesn’t he know that?

I guess our new president can’t be bothered to know the facts first and is all talk, ain’t he?

Here’s a reminder as to what happened during the last shutdown:

Check out this video for more info about Trump’s shutdown comments:

Image via ABC News.

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