Trump Effortlessly Channels Nixon – And His Crimes – In The Worst Ways (VIDEO)

It’s no secret President Donald J. Trump doesn’t exactly know what he is doing, and it makes sense. The former business “mogul” has no experience in politics and ran a business on name recognition alone.

For a man to go from the figure head of a company to the President of the United States is staggering. Leading a country is in no ways comparable to leading a business.

Many people expected Trump to start to emulate past presidents in order to gain his footing, but what we didn’t expect was for that president to be Richard Nixon.

Donald Trump, in the midst of an investigation into his ties with Russia, fired the head of the FBI for his “mishandled Clinton investigation.”

Right away the media jumped all over this, calling it “worse than Watergate.” Now, whether or not the claim is true has yet to be seen, and, for the time being, this was nothing more than a man with no political couth doing what he sees fit.

On May 12 though, Donald Trump said something that raised many eyebrows, which is very unusual for a man with his grace.

This tweet, in my opinion, is more frightening than his actual firing. What this tweet says is multiple things:

  • James Comey and Trump have discussed some less than savory details of the investigation and neglected to inform the public,
  • Trump is recording people in the Oval Office, and
  • James Comey was leaking information to the press.

Trump recording in the oval office isn’t the craziest thing ever conceived, as Trump can legally record White House conversations. What is really crazy is the James Comey “influence” claimed by Trump.

James Comey, as the former director of the FBI, was supposed to serve a 10-year term as to stay independent of politics. The independence of the FBI is vital to national security and, if the Russian collusion is confirmed, they would need to handle it with extreme prejudice.

If James Comey was discussing information of the investigation with Donald Trump and/or leaking said information to the press, a whole new issue will be created; the independence of the FBI would be threatened and the validity of their investigation rendered moot.

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I’m not saying Donald Trump is telling the truth, that’s not something he’s known for. What I am saying is keep an eye on this chilling claim.

Right now, what the United States needs is a thorough and independent investigation into the Russian inference.

If we can’t trust the FBI then who can we trust? It is certainly not the President.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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