Taxpayers’ Delight: Trump Tower Apartment Leased For Nuclear Football And Staff

It is yet another demonstration of the way in which President Donald Trump and his family will not in any way cost the taxpayers countless millions or personally benefit from government spending. The GOP (that’s Greedy Old People to you and me) administration has signed a lease for an apartment in Trump Tower, so the “nuclear football” and its minder have somewhere to rest their weary heads.

In a letter dated March 3, a defense official, James MacStravic, responded to concerns Jackie Speier, a Democrat on the “House Armed Services and Intelligence Committees” had raised about the White House Military Office. A Pentagon unit, the White House Military Office had:

“Requested approval to lease space in the Trump Tower for personnel assigned to support the President when at his private residence.”

Nuclear Codes

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The staff in question safeguard the “nuclear football.” It is a case that contains the codes that a President needs to launch a nuclear weapon. This case must travel everywhere with the President, but it is unclear whether the government has ever had to rent somewhere for the case and its staff to sleep while a President stays at his personal residence.

MacStravic, who is temporarily performing the duties of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics said:

“Any acquisition of leased space with an annual rental more than $1m must first be approved by my office.”

MacStravic confirmed that he had approved the contract after speaking with the White House Military Office and other officials.

The letter goes on to say that by renting the apartment from a private citizen, instead of directly from Trump Tower, the lease will not provide any benefit to Trump.

We are quite sure that President Business and the organizations he is using to drain every last dollar from the American economy into his pocket will not see a dollar of it.

Officials declined to reveal the cost of the lease or identify the owners of the apartment, which doesn’t really matter because they are probably not in anyway connected to Trump, his family, or any the corporate cronies he has currently infesting the White House.

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Right. And if you believe that, you probably need to consider getting your head examined.

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