Reporter Arrested After He Asked HHS Sec. Tom Price A Question About Healthcare

Dan Heyman is a reporter for Public News Service. As a reporter, his job is to collect information for the public, direct from the source.

What’s the best way to do that? Ask.

Which is exactly what he was trying to do on May 9, when he questioned Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway about the new Republican healthcare bill.

He wanted to know whether domestic violence will be considered a pre-existing condition under the new bill. A fair question, as there seems to be confusion surrounding the issue. When neither of them responded to his question, he persisted.

He followed them down the hall, repeating the question. Perhaps they didn’t hear him. Maybe they were too busy plotting their next Planned Parenthood takeover.

He didn’t get very far before an officer cuffed and arrested him on charges of “willful disruption of state government processes.” Such a charge can carry jail time if you’re unlucky.

The police claimed he was being too aggressive, to the point where removal was necessary. Whatever that means. We’ve all seen Paparazzi up in the faces of celebrities, but nobody deems it “necessary” to throw them in jail. Why is this different?

Dan Heyman
Photo via Twitter

Heyman maintains that he was just doing his job. Because he was.

He was trying to gather information about an important issue, from two people who were in a position to give it to him. In a time when every news story is claimed to be “fake,” direct quotes are as important as ever.

This isn’t even the first arrest that’s been made for frivolous reasons in the past week. Activist Desiree Fairooz was convicted for snickering at Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

I have a feeling that if Dan Heyman worked for Breitbart News, none of this would be an issue, and no one arrested.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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