Remembering Trump’s Visit With The Pope – And Their Oddly ‘Cordial Relationship’ (VIDEO)

On May 24, 2017, President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis. The two have had an odd history as the President is shaping up to be the opposite of what the Pope represents.

In the past, the two have had a very rocky relationship, and by two I mean Donald Trump said terrible things to his holiness when faced with actual teachings from the church.

In February, the Pope claimed that Trump is “not a Christian” because building walls is against the gospel, and he should be building bridges instead.

In a response, the always eloquent Donald Trump said that the Pope would be praying that Donald Trump would have been president because ISIS would have never taken over the Vatican, as they did in this hypothetical.

Their rocky relationship was best exemplified when the President gave the Pope a complete copy of Martin Luther King Jr’s works, as if Donald Trump was trying to say that the Pope needed a lesson on civil rights.

The Pope responded with one of the most biting gifts I’ve ever seen given to a foreign leader; a letter on the state of the global environment penned by the Pope, a direct slap in the face of the climate-change denier of a President.

Pope Francis, as he came from a poor background, is preaching against everything the President stands for from capitalism to racism to sexism.

The Catholic Church has been the only political institution with the spine to stand up to the President.

When President Trump and Pope Francis finally met the President boasted and bragged about how it was the “honor of a lifetime” and that he is “more determined than ever to pursue PEACE [sic].” (more after the jump.)

While Trump seemed to blush, the Pope seemed less than excited to be standing in his presence.

If past meetings with foreign leaders is any indication the building could have burned down and Trump would still have called it successful.

Pope Francis has always been one to speak his mind, so I am waiting to make a judgment on the meeting until I hear from his holiness.

Watch the meeting between Trump and Pope Francis here, paying special attention to time mark starting at 1:39:

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