WATCH: Rape Survivor Shares Gut Wrenching Story And How AHCA Could Help Rapists But Not Victims

AHCA Rape Survivor Trump Featured image via YouTube and Facebook

On Thursday, President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and other GOP cockroaches were busy slapping each other on the back over congressional passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Meanwhile, Taylor Hirth, a rape survivor, struggles with the reality that she may soon be denied coverage under the AHCA. Because in the old days before the American Care Act (ACA or more commonly known as Obamacare) rape victims and women who suffered domestic violence were denied coverage because they were considered as having “pre-existing” conditions.

Should AHCA become law, states would have the right to petition for special waivers that would allow insurance companies not to cover pre-existing conditions.

Republicans swear that their plan will cover pre-existing conditions under higher priced “high-risk pools,” which is likely to result in covering fewer Americans.

And as Hirth states in her video, her rapists would better qualify for affordable coverage because, unlike being a victim of rape, being a rapist isn’t punished by health insurance companies.

Please be sure and share this video and get the word out about the GOP’s insidious crime against humanity that they’ve so cynically disguised as a health care alternative to Obamacare.

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