Poor Widdle GOP Afraid Firing Of Comey May Lead To ‘Wipeout’ In 2018 Election

The Republicans are very worried. Not about the fact that the head of their party is a loose cannon and pathological liar who has the hots for his own daughter. No, it seems the GOPers are already bemoaning the fact that the 2018 midterm election could cost them control of both houses of Congress.

You see, it appears that the firing of FBI Director James Comey has left a very bad taste in the mouths of millions of Americans because Comey and the FBI have been leading an investigation into whether or not the illegitimate head of state colluded with the Russians so he could win the election and destroy the United States for his good friend Vladimir.

Jennifer Horn, the former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, had this to say:

“Regardless of the fact that he has every right to fire the FBI director, and regardless of whatever argument you can make in favor of having to fire Comey, at this time, it doesn’t look good.”

More apoplectic was a former top member of the Republican National Committee, who commented:

“If he wears the base down where eventually they say, ‘Maybe I can’t defend this so much anymore,’ and all of the enthusiasm is on the Democratic side in 2018 — I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it could be a wipeout kind of year for us. I think we need to be more careful about that.”

Careful? What the hell are you guys gonna do? You gonna have Mike Pence slip Donnie a can of Coke laced with something that puts him into a deep sleep, then spirit the pretend POTUS away to a deserted island where all he has to do is grab the genitals of exotic girls all day? As much as Trumpie would love that for month or two, sooner or later Vlad would demand he return and fulfill the promises he made when he signed that contract with his own blood.

So, GOP, looks like you’re screwed. Which is exactly what you deserve for not kicking this cancer out of your party when you still had a chance. Enjoy!

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