Narcissistic Trump To Display Map Of 2016 Election Results In White House

What will Trump think of next? He is actually planning on displaying a map of the 2016 election results somewhere in the White House. President Donald Trump has repeatedly brought up his victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. He won. It’s over. Hopefully, he’ll be impeached soon.

Jeff Mason, Reuters White House correspondent, said this after interviewing Trump for the 100-days of his presidency mark:

“[Trump] sort of interrupted himself and handed out this map of the Electoral College and said that these were the latest figures of the areas in the country that he had won in 2016.”

“So it was just clear that the election, even five months after — he’s been in office nearly 100 days and gone through the transition — remains very much on his mind.”

“I think he just wanted to relish in the fact that this map looks good for him. He said, ‘The red is obviously us.’”

“So whether that’s rooted in a sense that he still has to prove that he won or that he’s upset that the media got it wrong in terms of the predictions ahead of time, that’s hard for me to say.”

Just yesterday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing a voter fraud commission. After the election, Trump repeatedly claimed that millions of fraudulent voters cost him the popular vote. Vice President Mike Pence will head this new group. It will hold its first meeting in the next few months, and it will look into election procedures to find signs of fraud.

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