Mike Huckabee Tried To Troll CNN, But It Backfired BIGLY On Him

Just in case you didn’t already know, former Arkansas Governor and failed (multiple times) GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is a sanctimonious, hypocritical sack of donkey dicks who never misses a chance to prove what a complete shitbird he is.

Huckabee decided he’d chime in on the firing of FBI Director James Comey by the pretend president on Tuesday, and took to Twitter to fire off this bit of ignorance to the nth degree:

Yeah, because why should CNN or anyone in the media (or even anyone in the entire country!) give a damn about the fact that an illegally elected president just fired the person leading the investigation of his treasonous actions? How in the world could anyone possibly think there’s anything the least bit odd about that?

Consider, for just a moment, that this is the very same Mike Huckabee who has also shilled for fake cancer and diabetes cures over the years. When asked about those dubious business activities in 2015, Huckabee told CNN’s Jake Tapper:

“You run some ads on CNN, do you personally agree with all the ads that run on CNN? I doubt you do. I’m sure there’s some for maybe, I don’t know, catheters or adult diapers, they’re not products you use or you necessarily believe in. I don’t hold you responsible for that.”

Wow! There’s false equivalencies, and then there’s that verbal diarrhea from Fuckabee, who loves Donald Trump in part because he too is a con man who delights in bilking people out of their hard-earned money.

And also, Cardiac Care Network would be CCN, you hillbilly dillhole!

Fortunately, others on Twitter fired back at Huckabee and reminded him what a complete twat waffle he is:

Mike, do us all a favor and stay the hell off social media until you manage to memorize the letters of the alphabet.

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